These are not a pair of boots just for fashion.

We have just launched our Goodyear Tactical Boots, the latest addition to our Goodyear Collection.

A pair of Goodyear Welted boots can take up to :


Weeks to make


Boot parts


Different operations to create

The origins of this method go back over three hundred years.

The method is generally regarded throughout the worldwide boot-making industry as the best way to make superior boots.

As you wear these boots, their fit and comfort will just get better as their components mould to your foot's shape.

Goodyear Welted footwear can be re-soled by stitching the new sole to the welt extending the life of the footwear.   

Fully lined with tan vegan suede for comfort, air circulation and breathability.

Cut with Italian 69% bio-based leather formed around a classic 9-eye tactical boot silhouette that hugs your legs.

Large WVS embroidered recycled polyester pull tab to help pull them on.

Long and strong recycled polyester laces. Keep them loose or lace to the top with the 3 x sets of gunmetal black lace hooks.

Built to last you years, they will keep carrying on and on with the replaceable Goodyear Welt solid rubber deep tread outsoles.