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July 07, 2021 1 min read

Vegan Sneakers & Trainers at Will's Vegan Store

June is here, and it's a good time for a WVS vegan sneakers & trainers edit.

We don't introduce models for one season they are planned to stay.

We don't have a spring or summer sale or take part in Black Friday.

We don't do fast fashion.

We design and manufacture to be sustainable, so you buy less, reducing your impact on the environment.

So we've been building up our sneakers & trainers collection over the years. We now have over 25 styles, from our Chicago high-tops to LDN low-cut sneakers.

Like everything we make and do, all our sneakers & trainers are certified carbon neutral. They are always and forever vegan. They're made with care and love in Italy and Portugal.

We hope you find something you like. My personal favorites right now are the Munich Sneakers, WVS Oakes Cross Trainers, and LDN Biodegradable Sneakers. I always have all three lined up by my door for the next adventure.

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