Learning is fun for your child.


Play & Learn

We've introduced this collection to make it easier for children to learn and play in a sustainable way.

The products use wood, cardboard and recycled materials. It's a virgin plastic-free zone.

From the affirmation flashcards to building kits using recycled materials.

Everything is to help inspire, engage and motivate the next generation.

Let's play together

Creative ideas for play with your child :


1, 2, 3 ...

The Little Coach House Number Flashcards

Our Eco Kraft number flashcards are a fantastic resource to help your child start to recognize numbers 1-20.
They have the number digit on one side and the number word on the other.


Design & Build

JUNKO Zoomer! Kit

Design & Build a car, a jeep, a dinosaur ... and then have fun zooming them around!
Kids Love creating their own toys - and it's better for their development & the planet than just buying new ones!


Baby Gym

Clover and Birch Activity Gym

Our simplistic baby gym is an alluring, purposeful addition to any nursery or children's space. The modern design and neutral palette allow our baby gym to be a peaceful and stylish addition to your home.


Emotionally Intelligent Children

Our Emotion flashcards are a fantastic resource to help your child start to identify the different emotions that they feel. 

Each emotion has been beautifully hand-drawn with the emotion word underneath in a clear text.

Talking about how children are feeling and for children to have the confidence to express their emotions is such a valuable life skill.
They are an ideal resource for children from the age of 3 upwards who are just starting to recognize letters of the alphabet.


What's are the benefits of play for child development ?

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

Playing together is one of the most effective tools for building strong relationships with your child.

Discover the joy of play again, learn and spend a great time with children! 

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