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Low Dock Boots
Annette v.Z. (Netherlands)
Great boots!

They arrived super fast, they fit well in my usual size, although slightly more narrow than expected and they walk perfectly fine. I haven't tried them in a lot of rain yet or took anymore care of them than removing small scuff marks with a (pencil) eraser. I love them!

Recycelter Teddy-Mantel
Monika Brunner (Germany)
Toller Mantel aber leider Knöpfe zu klein oder Knopfloch zu groß gehen immer auf.

Knöpfe gehen immer auf

Goodyear Welt Loafers
Luca D (Australia)
Extremely versatile

These are a great and versatile loafer, comfortable once you break them in. I just wish they came in more colours, a dark brown or dark brown suede would be absolutely indispensable. The black and tan colours are lovely, but there needs to be something in between.

Signature Derbys
Runner (United States)

Signature Derbys

Goodyear Welt Oxfords
Dan (United States)
Great but fragile

I love how these shoes look exactly like normal leather shoes. I wore them to my wedding, and I am glad I did. However, when I put the shoes on in the morning while tightening them the first hole ripped out. I am not sure if I just pulled too hard or wether this piece had a defect. I don‘t think this happens regularly. I sent in photos and explained the problem and Will‘s was really helpful. Therefore 5 Stars even for a broken piece because if something happens, you don‘t have to worry. Great refund policy.


I really like these shoes. I love the concept and the shoes are just like good normal sneakers. I have very wide feet, the shoes seem a bit thighter than the other Will‘s I have.

Anonymous (Germany)

Sehr schöner Schuh und überaus bequem.

Slip-On Booties
Jacqueline Hazel (United Kingdom)
Beautiful Boots

I missed out on these boots early winter as they sold out quickly. Was thrilled to see them come back in a few weeks ago and grabbed size 38 (I range between 37.5 - 38). Loved them as soon as I unwrapped them, but unfortunately they were way too big for me. I was worried my return would be rejected as I had worn them for a really short time to test, but Wills sent me a 37 even before they received my original pair. Fantastic customer service ever! The 37’s fit like a dream, so warning to others to downsize. Very comfortable, love the toe, not too square or pointed, just perfect. Love them.

Marie H. (Germany)
Love them!

I was quite unsure if I wanted to keep them when I first put the boots on, as they seemed a bit stiff. But after wearing them a few times (let's say about a week) I got totally happy with my new boots. Actually, I absolutely love them and have been wearing them nearly everyday since I got them. The boots are exactely what I was looking for: A bit lighter than regular winter boots but warm enough for rough autumn days and even with pouring rain my feet have always been warm and dry so far. Highly recommended!

Continental Brogues
R.W. (United Kingdom)
Look and fit great, fell apart after 2 years of heavy wear

I must say that I ran for the bus countless times, played basketball in them about a dozen times, and wore them pretty much everyday to work for 2 years. The insole totally wore away and the seam came apart on the front inside of the upper, so they were no longer wearable. I don't believe there is a better vegan leather shoe available though so I shall be buying a second pair that I will treat with more care!

Insulated Waterproof Chelsea Boots
Jaime Wells (United States)
Warm boots that stay on

My biggest concern with ordering these was whether they would stay on well. I usually prefer shoes and boots to have laces, but I really like the look of these, for a more polished boot that's still warm. I have to say, it's absolutely not a concern. They fit snugly at the ankle and don't budge when I'm walking. They are toasty warm and the soles have great traction on winter snow and ice.

The only downside is that they are almost too snug at the ankle, to the point that it takes a bit of effort to get them on and off. They aren't something I'm going to slip on for a quick trip out to the mailbox. But I'll take the trade off, to have some good looking boots that I can tromp through slush and mud in all day, without worrying that I might leave a boot behind. They also clean up well and can look a bit dressier than hiking boots or nylon snow boots, which I appreciate. Great all-purpose winter boots.

Dock Boots
O. (United Kingdom)

I've worn 11's in every shoe I've bought for 20 years, but after reading reviews i went for size 10, and they fit perfect so size down i would suggest.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Sylvia Smit (Netherlands)
Great boots

At first they felt stiff and I was a bit worried. After 3 weeks or so that changed and now they are comfy. Also very waterresistant. Ive walked in rain and mud and kept my feet dry. So, Im happy.

365 days free return and exchanges
Sylvia Smit (Netherlands)

365 days free return and exchanges

Super Schuhe :-)

Der "schmale Sohle"-Schuh ist wie immer super. Es ist schon das zweite Mal, dass ich ihn kaufe.
Auch das andere Paar ist sehr bequem! Und chic natürlich :-)

Racer Jacket
P. (United States)
Tan is the new black!

So soft and stylish. A nice pop of color to brighten an outfit.

Work Boots
H.R. (United States)
Still going strong

I find that customers rarely write reviews years after-the-fact. These shoes are incredible. I bought them 2 years ago and they are still in incredible shape. I wear them on a weekly basis and the tread is barely worn down. It may be time to order another color besides black. Truly the most sturdy & comfortable boots I have ever owned.

Kent M (United States)
I LOVE my Rangers!

These boots are so awesome. They look beautiful and feel great. I’m so thankful for the exchange policy because I did have to utilize it for size, I highly recommend following their size guide for sure. This is clearly a quality product.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
James Clark (United Kingdom)
New design problem with the left boot

I've had two pairs of these boots before and they've been some of the comfiest shoes I've ever had. Both pairs only lasted about a year, however I was using them every day walking the dog etc. I could walk for miles in these and have no discomfort whatsoever.

I was therefore extremely disappointed to find that when I tried my third new pair, there was a problem with the left boot (the right boot was perfect, as before). Just below the last stud on the right, it seemed there was no padding and a hard/metal bit was pressing into my foot as the boot flexed at the forefoot, before the toes (like if going up the stairs or hiking up a mountain). Due to this issue I returned the boots as faulty and asked for a replacement.

The replacement boots arrived and I was extremely disappointed to find that once again the left boot had a problem just below the last lace stud. I tried to contact WVS support via the chat client in order to explain the problem to see if there was an issue with the new design. I got no response however and despite the chat client's reassurances, I received no follow up email.

Stupidly and because I was very busy at the time, I decided to give the shoes the benefit of the doubt in the hopes that the hardness in the left shoe might ease up and the boot would be comfortable. It's been a few weeks now and no such luck: it's still uncomfortable to wear and I wouldn't take it for anything longer than a dog walk.

Extremely disappointed as these were one of my favourite pairs of boots and now I feel I'll have to look elsewhere for a nice pair of vegan hiking boots. I've bought quite a few pairs of shoes from WVS so was also unhappy with the support response and lack of options. The only plus point through the whole process was the return of the first pair of boots: that was very convenient and quick and I received a replacement pair in good time (shame those also suffered the same problem!).

Recycled Teddy Puffer Jacket
judy tiberi (United States)
Nice Everyday Jacket

If you want a cool looking as well as a warn jacket for everyday.....this one is tops.

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots
Miriam Garron (United States)
Love My Boots!

I love my Luxe smart Chelsea Boots-they are extremely comfortable, they are big enough for me to wear them with very thick, warm socks, and even in the cold they keep me toasty. Tiniest complaint: I'd like them to fit slightly tighter as they curve from the foot up the ankle, just a style think, very minor. Looking forward to getting an insulated pair when they are back in stock (though I wish they weren't shipped from England-makes me wonder about the carbon footprint!)

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
georgia (United States)
Very Upset!

I love hiking, and I always under pack. I got these boots because I wanted one pair of good hiking boots that I could wear on a trail yet still put on a cute outfit to go into museums or on tours without having to change my shoes. As I have been a vegan for 5 years, I am aware of how hard it is to find vegan hiking boots in a neutral color. So when I found these, I got very excited. $148 is a reasonable price for good hiking books and them being waterproof was exactly what I wanted. Yet, I am very disappointed with my purchase. I first tried these on October 21st, 2022 and already, they are insanely creased, and the toe is peeling off of one of them. Furthermore, these trap odors like no other shoe I have ever owned. They REEK. If you're looking for a pair of shoes solely for city travel, these could work, they do provide good ankle support and their waterproofing is good. However, if you're like me who wants to get dirty, go on long hikes, and be adventurous, spend your money elsewhere. I have had a different pair of vegan hiking boots for over four years and they still look brand-new while these look like I've had them for decades. Also fair warning - they do run wide.

Chukka Boots
Yoel Wasserman (United States)
I love them

These are the best vegan shoes I’ve ever gotten.

Luxe Deep Tread Chelsea Boots
Lisa (United States)

Uncomfortable. I’ll be regifting them to a friend with smaller feet. Heavy socks and smaller feet may be the answer.

WVSport Oakes Cross-Laufschuhe
Patrick Dreikauss (Germany)

Fühlt sich klasse an.