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WVSport Insulated Country Boots


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Oliver Horne (United Kingdom)
Comfortable warm and solid

Bought for my wife, the title text was her review.

Anonymous (Germany)
Comfortable and warm

So far these boots have been keeping my feet dry and warm, although I haven't been hiking through snow and mud the seem to do the job. Definitely worth the purchase for me! I got 1 size bigger than usual and am happy with that (while there's still a little room for thick socks the smaller size seemed too snug).

Daniela (Italy)

dopo un mese di utilizzo quotidiano nelle passeggiate con il cane nei sentieri attorno a casa, posso dire di essere pienamente soddisfatta dell'acquisto : piedi sempre caldi ed asciutti.

Johanna (Denmark)
Great for city, not for country

The boots are supremely comfortable, the look great and they actually stretch and soften with use which is a rarity. They keep my feet warm and I can wear them an entire day without any fatigue.

But, they are definitely not the best choice if you plan on walking on grass, dirt or mud. They are definitely not waterproof, walking in wet grass lets water in. Not a ton, but enough for wet toes. Mud and dirt is also a problem. The deep thread means mud gets packed into the grooves and it's impossible to clean without a hose, which I don't have. Despite using repellant spray and only cleaning with a soft brush, dirt seems to get ingrained in the surface and increasingly hard to clean.

Great boots for snow

I just moved to a state in the US that has winter 6 months out of the year. So far, with snow, ice, cold, mud these boots have been great. They are incredibly warm and keep my feet dry. I love them!