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Natracare Safe To Flush Moist Tissues 30 Pack

Natracare Safe To Flush Moist Tissues 30 Pack

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Our notes

100% plastic free wipes, certified safe to flush

Cleansing with a gently refreshing formula of organic witch hazel and aloe vera

  • 100% paper tissue
  • For sensitive skin
  • Organic & natural formula
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Parabens or Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)
  • Plastic free & biodegradable
  • Fine to Flush Certified by WATER UK
  • Marine friendly

Ingredients: 100% totally chlorine free paper

Packaging: recyclable BPA-free plastic

30 moist tissues per pack

Natracare natural flushable wipes cleanse and refresh delicate skin. Made of 100% paper and an organic and natural formula. Each wipe contains soothing aloe vera and anti-bacterial witch hazel to help you feel extra clean.

What’s more, they are certified flushable! Natracare flushable wipes were vigorously tested by Water UK. They are guaranteed to break down safely after flushing and will not harm marine life.

Many wipes contain viscose and secret plastics and are falsely marketed as flushable! There are over 366,000 sewer blockages in the UK every year, and over 80% of them are avoidable. We don’t have to harm our planet using single-use plastic wipes.

We should only flush our 3 Ps – paper, pee and poo. Our wipes are made from only ecologically certified paper – no plastic in sight.

We’ve worked closely with Water UK to meet water industry standards for the first truly flushable wipe. Look for the fine to flush logo to know what you can safely flush.

Free from parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), methylisothiazolinone (MIT), alcohol, and other synthetic fragrances or preservatives of concern.

Q: “Why is this flushable standard different?”
Water Industry Specification (WIS-4-02-06) for Fine to Flush is the only standard approved by Water UK and the water authorities in the UK for flushing! There’s no greater approval than by those who are keeping our drains and sewers clear of blockages.

There are other international flushable standards, but these have all been rejected by Water UK, and many other international water authorities. You can trust Fine to Flush!

Q: “How are these wipes flushable?”
Unlike other wipes, ours don’t contain any plastic and are made from just paper. Natracare moist tissues have been thoroughly tested and approved flushable by Water UK. The formula and the design is sewer safe and 100% biodegradable, unlike many other so-called flushables.

Look for the Fine to Flush logo to make sure the product you’re using is truly safe to flush.

Q: “How long will they take to break down?”
The moist tissues begin to break down in the sewer pipes just 20 minutes after flushing. And they will break down completely within 8 flushes (the average number of flushes a day in a household). The tissues are 100% biodegradable, compostable and safe to marine life.

Q: “Are they safe to flush in septic tanks?”
In theory, our Safe to Flush tissues are suitable for use in septic tank systems. It’s worth noting that the certification covers flushing in typical mains sewers. We recommend checking with your manufacturer before flushing the moist tissues as some pipes can be narrower. You can provide them with our testing method for Fine to Flush so they can compare it with your system.

Fine to Flush testing methodology

Q: “Is the paper sustainable?”
Yes! We use paper from sustainably managed pine forests in our flushable wipes. The paper is FSC ecologically certified and bleached using the eco-friendly Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) method.

    About the brand

    Why natracare?
    Saving the planet and your vagina one period at a time. Make the switch today.

    Plastic Free
    The average period product is loaded with plastic. Choosing plastic free pads and tampons lets intimate skin breathe and cuts out plastic pollution.

    All Natural
    Sustainable by the power of nature. Renewable materials which are naturally absorbent, waterproof, breathable and soft. Eco-friendly at its best.

    Intimate Health
    Good intimate health is vital. Avoid synthetic and unwanted chemicals. Naturally hypoallergenic materials help relieve symptoms from allergies, intimate irritation and soreness.

    Certified Organic
    Cotton is the most pesticide sprayed crop in the world. Using only 100% certified organic cotton means no chemicals and no toxic pesticides for your vagina or the planet.

    No Fibre Loss
    Do you know how many fibres come off a tampon when worn? Try the tampon dip test and find out. We use long fibre organic cotton, this means no tampon fibre loss.

    Totally Chlorine Free
    Many period products are bleached with chlorine, but not ours. Find out what Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) means and why it matters.

    Effective Protection
    Reliable, absorbent materials so you can go about your day leak and worry-free. Natural, effective and comfortable period and incontinence products. Going green doesn’t mean compromise.

    Make your menstrual cycle vegan and keep it animal, people and planet friendly. Many period products aren’t. Certified Vegan by The Vegetarian Society.


    Ethics & Sustainability

    Delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    Read more about our Ethics & Sustainability

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