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Work Boots

Work Boots

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Our notes

The "go anywhere, do anything" boot with deep tread solid rubber outsoles.

We build these to last you years. They've been refined year after year since they were in our original 2013 lineup.

Having products that are not planned just for a season but to stay means we have the opportunity to refine and perfect what we do. 

This helps us in our aim to try and make the best quality, best-wearing vegan fashion we can.

  • Breathable and water-resistant uppers made with our signature vegan leather made with 69% bio-oil content.
  • Deep tread rubber outsoles with recycled content
  • Strong laces made with recycled polyester
  • Vegan suede linings, comfy to wear and improves breathability
  • Large rear pull tabs to pull them on made with recycled polyester and embroidered with WVS.
  • Stitching details throughout. Finished with a WVS emboss on the tongue & outsole.

    Ethics & Sustainability

    This product is certified carbon-neutral

    It's delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    You can return it free of charge for 365 days with our paperless carbon-neutral returns service

    Use our return to recycle service when this product's at its end of life

    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Portugal

    Read more about our Ethics & Sustainability

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 106 reviews
    Denise F. (United States)
    Fabulous Boots

    These boots are wonderful and comfortable. I've never been happier with another boot and will definitely purchase another color.

    Inga (United Kingdom)
    Great versatile boots!

    I am loving them so far - they are a great replacement for my previous Will's boots of the same shape, and I love the slight colour grading variation. Hopefully the inner fabric on them will hold better than last time. Last time the lining broke off above the heal after 6-9 months, the boots themselves lasted for good 3-4 years.

    Anonymous (Germany)
    Very nice boots in general, details could be optmized

    I bought the boots because I was pretty satisfied with a pair I had worn for a couple of years before. Mine are still rather new, so I cannot really tell how long-lasting the material will be. In the past I was impressed by the quality of the fake-leather.

    Nevertheless I have a few things to criticize:
    - strong chemical smell, I do not trust the material to be free of harmful substances (especially the inner sole). I wish companies would finally make healthy products a priority.
    - no way to prevent the shoelaces from untying (sometimes I had to tie them up to 3 x on a 1 kilometer walk!). In the past the material was different, it did not untie but had to be replaced very often
    - the wide "hooks" on the upper part scare me, I have very bad experience with the loop of the shoelace of one shoe getting caught in the hook of the other shoes (ties your feet together and you fall)

    Iulia (United States)
    Great boots with some quirks

    I really like these boots as they are stilish and very practical (I've walked with them through snow and small puddles and never had any problems). However, they do get uncomfortable if I wear them with thicker socks, the shoelace material makes them go untied very-very often and they started to crack horizontally where the foot bends.
    I would still recommend them and buy them again.

    I. (France)
    Problem on the new model of workboots

    After successfully keeping a first model of workboots for two years, I ordered the updated model last year and unfortunately it turned out to be less resistant. On one of the shoes, the part above the sole comes off, so if it rains I get wet...

    Hi Irene,

    I am really sorry this happened to your boots. You should find that they last you years without issues.

    For your peace of mind, we will always replace, refund or try to repair your purchases at any point if you are not happy - just let us know and we will take care of everything.

    We would like to replace these boots. When possible please can you reply back to the email we just sent to you with the best delivery address.

    To save on waste and co2 you are welcome to keep the pair you have for seconds, a friend or charity shop.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

    Speak soon