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Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots

Goodyear Welt Chelsea Boots

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Our notes

These are not a pair of boots just for fashion. 

Built to last years, they will keep carrying on and on with the replaceable Goodyear Welt solid rubber deep tread outsoles.

A pair of Goodyear Welted boots can take up to eight weeks to make, using up to 75 boot parts and over 200 different operations to create. 

The origins of this method go back over three hundred years. 

The method is generally regarded throughout the worldwide boot-making industry as the best way to make superior boots.

As you wear these boots, their fit and comfort will just get better as their components mould to your foot's shape.

Goodyear Welted footwear can be resoled by stitching the new sole to the welt extending the life of the footwear.   

  • Cut with Italian 69% bio-based leather. You can polish the uppers to keep them looking new and bring out a shine.
  • The boot opening comfortably hugs the ankle thanks to the way the uppers have been cut and the elasticated gussets producing a clean line with no gap
  • Solid rubber deep-tread Goodyear Welt outsoles with recycled content. Easily replaceable at good cobblers.
  • Large WVS embroidered recycled polyester pull tab to help pull them on.
  • Fully lined with tan vegan suede for comfort, air circulation and breathability.

Height of boot

Size (EU) Height (CM)
36 12.5
37 12.5
38 12.5
39 13
40 13.5
41 13.5
42 14

    Ethics & Sustainability

    This product is certified carbon-neutral

    It's delivered to you through our carbon-neutral supply chain in paper and cardboard packaging

    You can return it free of charge for 365 days with our paperless carbon-neutral returns service

    Use our return to recycle service when this product's at its end of life

    Always and forever vegan

    Made in Portugal

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    I wish I could give a positive review

    I've used these boots for six months now. The first couple of months the vegan leather was holding up pretty well - some creasing - but that is to be expected.

    However, the elastic panels at the sides of the shoes almost immediately loosened and got this weird "frilly" look at the edges (see picture). I considered returning the shoes, but decided to keep them in the name of sustainability.

    Then, I noticed that the vegan leather had been scratched away on one of the boots (see picture). It is possible that the scratch is my fault and not due to the quality of the boots, as I didn’t notice until I got home from work.

    However, I only use the boots on my commute to and from work, and I have never experienced this issue with any of my vegan boots from other brands (only minor scuffs). So, considering that these are supposed to be durable and "last years" that was a disappointing discovery.

    In my opinion - these boots are not worth their price. And having a replaceable sole is not really an advantage when the shoe itself is falling apart before the sole is.

    And then there is the additional environmental impact of having to buy new shoes anyway, when these hold up so poorly. I wish they lasted longer as I love the idea and concept behind them.