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4cm Jeans Belt
Lili Sanchez (United Kingdom)

Sad that the service was so dire to exchange a faulty belt… other vegan sellers are far more customer friendly moreoever the belts are definitely better quality and often less expensive altho we buy as fair trade as poss. No excuse for bad service, moreover veganism should not be a ‘money-spinner’ :-(

Two Piece Suit Trousers
Norma Sisson (United States)

They did not fit

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Katrina Koller (United States)
Cute shoe but narrow toe box

I wanted to like these, but after 3 miles my feet were aching and I had blisters on my toes. A little too narrow and I don’t have wide feet.

WVSport Oakes Cross Running Trainers
Tony Bullen (United Kingdom)

The third pair I have purchased and will buy another pair once I've worn them out. Excellent and cruelty free.

Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots
Generous Ape (United Kingdom)
Looks nice + eco but uncomfortable

I really like all the eco friendly credentials. However, very uncomfortable soles for me when walking around the office. I've been meaning to buy insoles to hopefully improve this.

4cm Jeans Belt
A. (United Kingdom)
Good quality, order 1-2 sizes up

Well made and hardly any wear showing after almost a year of regular use. Ordered a size medium and use the third notch from the end. Usually a small/30-inch waist, so recommend ordering 1-2 sizes up.

The best boots I've ever owned

I love these boots so much! They are warm, they've lasted me 2 full winters now and keep my toes cosy and dry. I live in a really cold and rainy place and didn't want to have to wear rubber boots all winter! Will buy another pair when I wear these out. Worth the splurge!

Two Strap Sandals
Juliana (United States)
Cute & comfortable

Fit perfectly, very comfortable for walking and super cute.

WVSport Walking Trainers
Clare Smith (United Kingdom)
Great trainers!

This is my second pair - wore the first pair most days for quite a few hours and still some life in them but decided to treat myself to a new pair.
Don’t need any breaking in and really comfy.

Ankle Boots
Jill McLeod (Australia)
Fun boots

Lovely boots. I love the material and design. They are very tight. I exchanged them for a size larger than I normally wear and they are still quite tight to get on and off. I'm hoping they'll stretch a little as I wear them more.

Recycled Vegan Shearling Aviator
P.L. (United States)
Really warm and cozy

I didn't want to take this coat off after trying it on when it arrived today. Its really warm and cozy. I wear a size 10 - 12 in US sizes and the size Large fits perfect. I can easily zip it closed but its also not loose. I do wish it were a couple of inches longer for where it falls on my hips but I understand the shorter length is fashionable these days. I can't see myself wearing shirts or sweaters unless they're tucked in under the coat. I'm about 5 foot, 5.5 inches tall and it hits a couple of inches below my belly button so not too terribly short. I honestly can't wait to put it back on though, its so warm and cozy! I got it for transitional weather, fall weather, and it seems perfect for that.

WVSport Recycled Freedom Trainers
B.P. (United Kingdom)
Comfortable shoes, miss the old style

Comfortable to walk in, have struggled to find shoes for wide feet and these have been fine for me. Style seems to have changed, from a more open knit on the outside (where you can actually see the small holes) to a much tighter knit, finding the shoes to be hotter on my feet as a result, may come in handy this winter, though less ideal in the summer, would love it if the older style became available again.

Classic 3cm Belt
Jonathan Som
Very good quality

Very nice vegan belt! Evrething is perfect! Ethical, not too expensive and nice! Thank you very much!

365 Tage kostenlose Rückgabe und Umtausch
Corinne Kählin (Switzerland)
Tolle Schuhe

Wir haben diese Schuhe zur Stallarbeit bei den Pferden sowie zumn reiten und sind alle seht zufrieden.
Für fast alle Füsse von Anfang an bequem, recht lange Wasserdicht, recht lange stabil, durch die Stallarbeit halten die
Schuhe wahrscheinlich weniger lang wie wenn wir diese nur für Wanderungen etc benützen würden.
Kaputt gehen sie nach einer gewissen Zeit beidseitig der vorderen Fusshälfte (denke da ist bei jedem Schritt viel Bewegung drin und so wird das
Material irgendwann brüchig) oder die Sohle wird so dünn, dass es da einen Riss gibt.
Inzwischen haben einige bei uns auf dem Hof solche Schuhe, es wird einander weiter empfohlen.
Wir werden weiterhin diese Schuhe bestellen, sind für unseren Gebrauch ideal.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
H.W. (United Kingdom)
Great Walking Boots

I bought these boots with no time to break them in before climbing mountains in Scotland. They were broken in walking up Ben Nevis and I didn't get a single blister! They're really comfy, were totally waterproof and plenty warm enough with thick walking socks.

I did go a size up from my normal WVS boots, just to allow space for a couple of pairs of socks and I'm really glad I did.

I would definitely recommend these if you're after comfy walking boots with good grip and waterproof.

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
Treena Livesley (United Kingdom)
Walking boots

I absolutely love these boots. They’re so comfy, but really sturdy, quality footwear. Perfect fit and also look fantastic. I wear them for hiking and walking my dog. No rubbing or blisters, I’m thrilled with them!

WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots
K. (United Kingdom)

So robust! Had these boots for 2 years now, I wanted to really properly use them before reviewing…

I’ve hiked the three peaks in these, three times.
I’ve hiked hundreds and hundreds of km
They are always waterproof, even walking through streams and in torrential rain.

Never had a blister in these. I have had some bruised toes from when I ran down mountains, but don’t think that’s the boots fault.

Wanted to share pics of how they look, after many many mountains and rocky hiking trails, they look a bit dirty, sure, but the sole is as good as new. Nothing is battered or coming apart. They are still waterproof. They are so well made. Highly recommend. 🙏

Kids Derbys
Dawn Jessop (United Kingdom)
No complaints

Nice looking shoes, a little hard in the ankle to begin with but have broken in ok considering they're vegan. Delivered in good time.

Amy Hurd (United States)
Super cute, but has some flaws

Super cute, however they have some flaws. A full size larger than what I normally wear (however this is seeming to be normal with all Wills shoes for me), cause blisters, and make noise as my foot releases from the footbed material.

Biker Boots
Malai (Germany)
Really happy with my new boots

Clear website with very good measuring instructions and great service. I am really happy that I finally found these high quality, perfect fitting boots

Peep Toe Wedges
Ginger Burr (United States)
The perfect wedge peep toe shoe!

I love these shoes! They fit beautifully, are comfortable and are extremely good looking. And, best of all they are vegan!

Perfect sandal for every occasion

Yes, their design and their confortable fit give them the possibility to be wear in every occasion: at office, for a special dinner, a long walk into the city... I love them!

Aviator 2 Boots
A.M. (France)

I bought those in 2018, I wear them daily, including in Summer and I walk a lot. They are still in excellent shape! I only had to change the sole and laces once, since I wear them a LOT.
Instead of buying boots every 6 months as I had to, I have been wearing them for 4 years non-stop. Once worn out, I will definitely buy them again.
Suitable for thin ankles, good quality, sustainable, thanks a lot for this model and please keep it!
Only down side, the shoes get soaked up when it rains a lot, cannot keep the feet dry. But that put aside, they are perfect!

Continental 3.5cm Belt
Yared Negash

Great belt, definitely worth it for me.

Western Boots
Dalter (United States)

Keep up the good work